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Real estate is undoubtedly one of the most profitable and thriving industries out there - especially if you are looking to achieve financial independence! It offers a wide variety of ways to invest actively and passively. If you are new to real estate investing and FI, and seek the proper guidance from experts, you are in the right place.  Welcome to Invest2FI, hosted by Craig Curelop and Ali Garced. In this series, we talk with real-life house hackers, real estate (and other!) investors and real people on a mission to become financially independent.  Not everybody enjoys working a 9-5 job. No one wants to be stuck in analysis-paralysis feeling unsure how to finally jump into real estate. We teach you how to exit the rat race and work on living the life you want.  This is the show for beginners and learners who want to achieve financial freedom through real estate. Whether you want to increase your savings, optimize your expenses, or build a prospering income source, we have helpful solutions. We talk all the tips and tricks for making your very first purchase. We discuss how you can build your skills on this initial transaction to close better deals in the future.  This is also a show for techie types who are passionate about crunching numbers and the digital side of operating business and investments. If you are drawn to financial independence, we'll enlighten you with grounded, practical strategies for achieving real estate success.  Each of our guests offers creative and practical strategies to begin a real estate investing career. They break down every single investing tactic you can emulate yourself. Receive essential lessons from their experiences as they open up about their real estate journey. They reflect on the moments when they got lucky or proved their intelligence and offer their fair share of “horror” stories too. Guests embrace their vulnerabilities and speak about challenges and failures, explaining how to overcome or avoid them.  There are no better people to host this podcast than Craig and Ali. They are living testaments of what you should aspire to be in this industry. Achieving financial independence in their twenties, they take pride in their first-hand experiences through every facet of real estate. Craig and Ali are both successful realtors who provide a glimpse of their work to listeners.  Craig specializes in a unique style of real estate investing called house hacking. He literally wrote the book on it: The House Hacking Strategy. This method purchases multi-unit properties and rents them out by portion. Craig is also the lead broker of The FI Team.  Ali separated from her duty as a Special Agent in the Military as a  millionaire at 31. She is seasoned at offering advice to those looking to leave a W2 for a career in real estate, financing with VA loans and achieving financial independence through real estate investing.  If you are stuck in an unfulfilling corporate job, let this show bring you far more rewarding opportunities. Craig and Ali are your guides to making a major career shift and becoming part of the exciting world of real estate. Do not feel discouraged by the towering paperwork and complex principles. Equip yourself with the right knowledge and strategies, and you are good to go!  Whether you are starting an active or passive venture, the key in real estate is proper training and a constant desire for growth. Invest2FI fortifies your confidence and provides you with a smooth, clear path to success.  Listen to the podcast today at 
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11/01/2023 -
Revealing House Hacking Secrets With Stacey Stegenga
Craig Curelop & Ali Garced
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