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FavFind offers a full list of video game-specific features to help you get playing the best games quickly. Follow friends with similar gaming interests and create video game groups with friends and family to share your favorite games with each other automatically. Explore a few of the features below or discover them all in the free FavFind App...

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App Key Features

Unique Scoring System With Overall Rating

FavFind Vidoe Game Scoring Features
Video Game ratings provide valuable insights for viewers, helping them make informed decisions about which games to watch. FavFind goes a step further and provides a unique breakdown of how the FavFind score was reached, as well as a calculated overall score of multiple sites like IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes combined.
- Make Quick Informed Game Decisions
- Multiple Site Ratings In One Place
- Calculated Overall Video Game Score
- Current FavFind Rating Breakdown

Instantly Compare A Game To Items You Have Enjoyed

FavFind Rate Compare Feature
FavFind keeps track of games you enjoy by their genre, actors, and plot keywords. This is a rotating score that changes along with your trending interest. Quickly see how a game stacks up to what you have rated and enjoyed.
- Score System Changes With You
- Visual Feedback How A Game Stacks Up
- Compare Favorite Genres, Actors, And Keywords
- All Calculated Automatically For You

Find Your Friends Latest Game Opinions In The Feed Timeline

FavFind Friend Video Game Feed
Stay informed about the games your friends are currently watching and the films they highly recommend through your feed timeline. Connect with friends and family who share similar entertainment interests to receive instant insights from trusted recommendations.
- Insight into Games Trending Among Friends
- Suggestions From people You Trust
- Read Your Friends Game Reviews
- See Who Is Following Your Suggestions
- See Who Has Joined Your Game Groups
Friend Feed Example

Games Scored On The Ratings Of Your Friends

FavFind Friend Score Feature
A unique feature of FavFind is that games can be suggested based on multiple criteria. If there is a game that has not scored well with the rest of the world, but all your friends love it, that game will be at the top of your friend suggestions.
- See What Scores Highest Among Friends
- Make General Public Ratings Irrelevant
- Suggestions From Similar Interests
- Know What Games Friends Love Collectively

Pin And Save Interesting Video Games For Later

FavFind Saved Video Game Example
Just click the pin icon to add a video game to your saved folder so you can easily find it later. Games in your saved list can be filtered by multiple genres, helping you quickly find something you are in the mood to play. Games that have already been rated can still be pinned to remind you of a playing option later.
- Pin A Game To Remember It Later
- Filer By One Or Multiple Genres
- Pin A List Of Games You Want To Watch
- Pinned Games Are Added To Suggestions
Friend Feed Example

Create Custom Game Groups With Friends And Family

FavFind Game Group Example
Create or join custom game groups with friends and family. FavFind compares the best games that match the group details and suggests the games to you. If you have an "Action Game" group, only action games rated by fellow group members will be calculated.
- Join Or Manage Custom Game Groups
- Groups Can Be Narrowed To Single Genre
- Groups Can Be Public Or Private
- Groups Can Be Hidden To Invite Only
- Can be Multiple Categories & Genres

App Video Game Features

Complete Video Game Details

FavFind Series Features
View and search for video game details like overview, genre, and keywords. You will also find other information including available platforms, games in series, and developers.
- Multiple Site Ratings In One Place
- Calculated Overall Video Game Score
- Current FavFind Rating Breakdown
- Video Game Platforms And Requirements
- Video Game Reviews By FavFind Users
- And More!

Video Game Series Collection List

FavFind Game Cast & Crew
See a list of every game in a series including upcoming games in the works. Video Games are listed in order by year and include the available playable platforms.
- Find All Games In Series
- Playable Platforms Info
- Upcoming Games In Series

Full Video Game Platform List & Specs

FavFind Game Cast & Crew
See a list of all the available platforms a game can be played on, including mobile platforms. Get the minimum and recommended PC and Mac hardware specs for the game.
- Playable Game Platforms
- Game Recommended Hardware Specs
- Filter Games By Platforms
Purchased Item Indicator

Keep Track Of Purchased Games

Keep Track Of Purchased Games
Quickly see what games you already own and the platform you have to play them on. Simply mark the platform you purchased the game on, and a note will be added to the game detail page for you.
- Easy Quick Select Options
- Options Include Mobile, PC, And Web
- Filter By Games You Own
Purchased Item Indicator

Keep Track Of Games You're Playing

FavFind Game Playing
Marking a video game that you are playing time stamps the last time you played the game and automatically adds a reminder to rate the game. Marking items that you are playing also adds to your feed timeline helping your friends make better entertainment decisions.
- Know When Last Played Through
- Auto Reminder To Rate Game
- Quick Access From Stats Page
- Adds Game To Feed Timeline
Purchased Item Indicator

Video Game Trailers And Youtube Videos

FavFind Game Cast & Crew
View official video game trailers and game play. Get a list of the most popular videos on YouTube that contain the game content.
- Multiple Game Trailers
- Popular Game Related Content
- Viewable In App

Video Game Images

FavFind Game Cast & Crew
Get the latest images that belong to a video game. Images are savable and include screenshots, backdrops, and game logos.
- Game Screenshots / Backdrops
- Game logos
- Downloadable

Video Game Walkthrough Videos

FavFind Game Cast & Crew
Stuck and need a little bit of game help? Get a quick list of the most popular walkthrough and game help videos. Videos can be viewed in app or redirected to the YouTube app.
- One Click To Multiple Help Videos
- Popular Game Walkthroughs
- Viewable In App

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