How To Remove Your Data From FavFind

The data collect by FavFind is all user entered by you and includes your email (to login), chosen display name, connections to friends and groups you have chosen to follow, and of course your item ratings.
FavFind does not use or collect things like device usage or location and never stores any device contact information on FavFind servers. Basically the only data we want is your opinion on movies, books, and etc. to help your friends and other users make better entertainment choices. At no time does FavFind ever share or sell any data with third party companies.
FavFind is design to be a tool to use on demand when you need it. It's a way to keep track of what you have seen and read and your own thoughts. If however you still would like to remove and permanently delete all of you data and ratings from FavFind, no problem it's easy, simply follow these steps below.
FavFind: Rate Items

1. Log Into Your FavFind App

Log into the FavFind app using the same credentials you used to create your FavFind account. You may also use the Google or Apple logins if the use the same email address.
FavFind: Rate Items

2. Go To Settings And Select My Profile

Click the gear icon ⚙️ in the upper right corner of the screen to enter the Settings Screen and then select the "My Profile" option.
FavFind: Rate Items

3. Select And Open Data Deletions Options

Scroll to bottom of the profile settings screen and select the "Show Data Deletion Options" link.
FavFind: Rate Items

4. Choose The Data You Want Deleted From FavFind

FavFind provides two levels of removing your data. You may choose to keep your account and settings and just remove all of your ratings and friend and group connections.
The second option to delete your account will remove all data that has to do with you on FavFind including your account and login in credentials.