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FavFind offers a full list of entertainment-specific features to help you get watching, reading, and playing the best entertainment quickly. Follow friends with similar interests and create custom groups with friends and family to share your favorites with each other automatically. Explore a few of the features below or discover them all in the FavFind App...

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Unique Scoring System With Overall Rating

FavFind Movie Scoring Features
Ratings provide valuable insights for viewers, helping them make informed decisions about which items to watch, read, and play. FavFind goes a step further and provides a unique breakdown of how the FavFind score was reached, as well as a calculated overall score of multiple sites like IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes combined.
- Make Quick Informed Decisions
- Multiple Site Ratings In One Place
- Calculated Overall Item Scores
- Current FavFind Rating Breakdown

Instantly Compare An Item To Items You Have Enjoyed

FavFind Rate Compare Feature
FavFind keeps track of items you enjoy by their genre, people involved, and plot keywords. This is a rotating score that changes along with your trending interest. Quickly see how something stacks up to what you have rated and enjoyed.
- Score System Changes With You
- Visual Feedback How A Items Stacks Up
- Compare Favorite Genres, People, And Keywords
- All Calculated Automatically For You

Find Your Friends Latest Series Opinions In The Feed Timeline

FavFind Friend TV Series Feed
Stay informed about the content your friends are currently enjoying and what they recommend through your feed timeline. Connect with friends and family who share similar entertainment interests to receive instant insights from trusted recommendations.
- Insight into Items Trending Among Friends
- Suggestions From people You Trust
- Read Your Friends Reviews
- See Who Is Following Your Suggestions
- See Who Has Joined Your Groups
Friend Feed Example

Items Scored Directly On The Ratings Of Your Friends

FavFind Friend Score Feature
A unique feature of FavFind is that items can be suggested based on multiple criteria. If there is a movie that has not scored well with the rest of the world, but all your friends love it, that movie will be at the top of your friend suggestions.
- See What Scores Highest Among Friends
- Make General Public Ratings Irrelevant
- Suggestions From Similar Interests
- Know What Items Friends Love Collectively

Pin And Save Interesting Items For Later

FavFind Saved Item Example
Just click the pin icon to add an item to your saved folder so you can easily find it later. Items in your saved list can be filtered by multiple genres, helping you quickly find something you are in the mood for. Items that have already been rated can still be pinned to remind you later.
- Pin An Item To Remember It Later
- Filer By One Or Multiple Genres
- Pin A List Of Items You Want To Watch
- Pinned Items Are Added To Suggestions
Friend Feed Example

Create Custom Entertainment Groups With Friends And Family

FavFind Group Example
Create or join custom groups with friends and family. FavFind compares the best items that match the group details and suggests those items to you. If you have an "Romantic Comedy Book" group, only romance comedy books rated by fellow group members will be calculated.
- Join Or Manage Custom Groups
- Groups Can Be Narrowed To Single Genre
- Groups Can Be Public Or Private
- Groups Can Be Hidden To Invite Only
- Can be Multiple Categories & Genres

Complete Item Details

FavFind Item Detail Features
View and search for items details like plot, genre, people, and keywords. You will also find other information including age advisory, box office reports, awards, and languages and more.
- Multiple Site Ratings In One Place
- Calculated Overall Review Score
- Current FavFind Rating Breakdown
- Item Plot, Genres, People, And Keywords
- Rate Reviews By FavFind Users
- And Much More!

Streaming Service Movie Availability

FavFind Movie Streaming Availability
When you are ready to watch a item, FavFind shows you a list of services where you it can be streamed. View available streaming service options such as NetFlix or Hulu and rent and purchase availability. The availability changes, as the services change.
Streaming Service Availability
- Streaming Subscription Availability
- Item Rental Availability
- Item Purchase Availability
- Quick Link To JustWatch For Prices

Favorite People, Genres, And Keywords

FavFind Favorite Items
When you mark a person, genre, or keyword as a favorite, FavFind will automatically suggest items related that you have not rated yet. Add and change favorites as you please, and manage all of them in your favorites manager.
- Easy Add And Edit Favorites
- Favorite People, Genres, And Keywords
- Get Suggestions Based On Your Favorites
- See When Any Item Matches A Favorite
Favorite Item Indicator

Full Series Cast And Crew List

FavFind Series Cast & Crew
Easily get a full list of movie and TV series acting cast, including their character names and key crew members and roles, as well as book author details. Read their bio details, including images and headshots. You can also view a list of items containing the actor or author that you have not yet rated, all in one place!
- Actor Credits With Character Names
- Crew Credits By Departments And Job
- Actor / Author Bio And Images
- Actor / Author Social Links
- Quickly Rate Items With item Credits
- View All Items With Actor / Author Credit

Complete Series Episode List

FavFind Series Cast & Crew
View an ordered list of every episode in the series, including upcoming episodes. Episode details include the episode plot, screenshots, and guest actors for the episode. Set a notification to be reminded about new episode releases.
- Guest Actor List For Each Episode
- Episode Plot And Screenshots
- Upcoming Episode Information
- Upcoming Episode Notifications

Keep Track Of Purchased Content

Keep Track Of Purchased Content
Quickly see what items you already own and the platform or streaming service you own them on. Simply mark where you purchased the item, and a note will be added to the details page for you.
- Easy Quick Select Options
- Options Include Digital And Physical
- Filter By Content You Own
Purchased Item Indicator

Recommended and Similar Item Suggestions

FavFind Movie Cast & Crew
Love a certain movie or tv show and want to watch something similar? FavFind pulls a list of suggestions based on similar styles, storylines, and themes.
- Quickly Find Items To Watch
- Find Other Content In Series
- Find Movies Similar Cinematically
- Entertainment With Same Theme

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