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Keeping up with and finding the best entertainment can now be faster and easier than ever! Mark items you enjoyed or would not recommend, and in return, automatically get unique suggestions of the best content based on your ratings, friends with similar interests, and groups you follow.

Your Friends Are The Best Search Engine

FavFind: Rate Items
When you're curious about a movie, Google is great at telling you who plays in it, but FavFind does that too. What FavFind also does is tell you if your actual friends think it's entertaining and worth the time to watch. Think of FavFind as you and your friends discussing the show that everyone must see or the book they can't put down. This is all done automatically and without the extra chaos of a social media app. If something has received poor ratings from the rest of the world but your friends enjoy it, it will be suggested to you.

Five Types of Entertainment All In One

FavFind allows you to track multiple entertainment types all from the same app. Get detailed information including ratings from multiple sources, similar item suggestions, cast and author information, streaming services and how to access the content, and previews all at your fingertips. Find content new to you and the greats you have forgotten.

How FavFind Works

FavFind: Rate Items

Rate What You Know

Simply rate items you are familiar with based on whether or not you would recommend them to your friends and family. All items you rate will be calculated towards a personal suggestion list, suggesting new items to you based on your own recommendations and trends. Rating takes less than a second, and once an item is rated, it will no longer be presented to you.
FavFind: Rate Items

Automatically Get Suggestions From Real Friends

Follow friends with similar entertainment interests to get suggestions based on items they actually like, regardless of how the item ranks among the rest of the world. FavFind calculates item scores based on only your friends ratings and creates a suggestion list that is uniquely yours from the people you trust.
Along with populating recommendations, people you follow will show up in your news feed. Check out what they have recently rated, are watching, reading, or playing, and the reviews they left.
FavFind: Rate Items

Get Favorites From Custom Groups

Join or create custom groups that focus on specific categories and genres. This means that if you create or join an "Action Movie" group, only the highest-rated movies with an action genre will be suggested for this group. Following a group is similar to following a person, except that each group is a collection of people, and only their rated items that match the group details will be calculated.
Think of groups sort of like a digital book club where you can automatically get book suggestions based on only what members of the group enjoy. This is a great tool for families and groups of friends that like sharing their entertainment finds.

FavFind App Features

The Item Details

5 Entertainment Types
6 Ways To Rate
Available Streaming Options
Rating Score From Multiple Sources
Upcoming Items with Reminders
Full Cast & Author Details
Trailers & Previews
Similar Item Recommendations
Trending & Popular Items
Completely Free To Use And Share

The Suggestion System

Unique Rating Calculations
Personal Item Suggestions
Suggestions From Actual Friends
Create Your Own Custom Groups
The FavFind Score Boost
Follow Your Friends FavFind Feed
Pin And Save Interesting Items
Cross Category Interest Tracker
Set Favorite People & Keywords
No Forced Ads or Anything To Buy
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This is not just another social media platform or discussion board, but a way to easily find and share great entertainment with friends and family!

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